Clinic Services Program

The clinical services that Impact provides include individualized, wrap-around mental health services to participants living in our housing units, along with individuals living in the community, to support and assist with growth and development towards recovery goals. The clinical team is composed of licensed, mental health clinicians, a registered nurse, a licensed clinical benefits specialist, and the clinical services manager.

All participants are connected with a primary clinician upon entering the program. Clinicians provide recovery services based on the individual, not his or her diagnoses. These services include individual and group therapy, assistance maintaining independent living and improving one's level of functioning, symptom management, benefits consultation (connecting individuals with social security, Medicaid/insurance), medication training/ management, and educational services. We also provide integrated psychiatric services from a contracted psychiatrist. Impact utilizes harm reduction and Housing First approaches when providing these services.

The clinical services provided through Impact allow our participants to identify personal goals and help shape their recovery. Through clinical support, participants can make strides towards improving their daily lives, mental wellbeing, and engagement in the community. Our clinical services allow our participants to live as independently as possible by reducing hospitalization and unnecessary institutionalization.

If you would like to learn if you eligible for our clinical services, pleasefill out the corresponding eligibility quiz below.