How we can help:

Job Development - The Employment Services Staff at Impact Behavioral Health prides itself on developing strong relationships with local employers. These employer relationships yield optimal job matches through detailed knowledge of each employment opportunity and position our staff to provide optimal follow along supports post-employment.

Benefits Planning – The most common barrier identified by individuals considering the IPS Program is the fear that they will lose the benefits which they depend on, such as SSI, SSDI, and Medicaid, if they become employed. All IPS participants are provided with expert benefits counseling from a State-funded agency. The counseling staff will develop an individualized benefits plan tailored to each participant’s specific situation and employment goals.

Career Exploration – Impact’s Employment Services are focused on making job matches that are a good fit for our participants. Utilizing a vocational assessment tool, we discuss participants’ skills and experience, learn about his or her personal interests, and inquire about his or her employment aspirations. Using this information, employment staff will aid program participants in identifying career avenues that will lead to long-term success.

Assistance with Resumes and Cover Letters – Through thoughtful and responsive technical assistance, Impact’s employment staff helps to develop quality job-seeking tools which target the types of employment our participants want.

Interview Preparation – Participants of Employment Services are prepared for the pressure of interviews through one-on-one counseling to improve responses to questions, mock interviews with actual employers to acclimate to the interview environment, and processing of past interviews to identify areas of improvement.


Private Pay Employment Services

The Private Pay program at Impact Behavioral Health utilizes the key principles of the IPS Supported Employment model to achieve successful employment for individuals utilizing private therapy or who receive no clinical services.

Unlike other self-pay employment programs, Impact does not require extensive testing or screening as part of the program. Our goal is to begin designing and implementing an effective job search as quickly as possible. In addition to job search meetings, our expert job developers will work to form relationships with the employers our clients express interest in.

If you would like to learn if you eligible for our employment services, please fill out the corresponding eligibility quiz below.