Housing Services Program

We’ve been positively impacting the lives of our participants by providing stable, permanent, supportive housing for nearly 30 years. Our housing programs incorporate clinical and supported employment services to provide a well-rounded, holistic approach to recovery. Utilizing “Housing First” methodology, our programs provide affordable housing to low-income individuals, many of whom are chronically homeless, and have chronic mental illnesses. We provide a stable foundation so that they can focus energies on recovery, rather than where they will find shelter for the night.



Housing First

Housing First is a model that prioritizes providing permanent supportive housing as the basis for recovery. This model strives to reduce barriers to entry, consistent with the idea that having a stable place to live leads to progress in recovery. The Housing First model provides the basis for all of Impact's programs, particularly our Housing Services Program.


Permanent supportive housing

The goal of  Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is to keep an individual stably housed through affordable housing, health care and supportive services. PSH encourages autonomy, choice and independence.  Studies have found PSH has several benefits to the individual and the community at large. 


to read more about our 2017 accomplishments, click here to read our annual report

Impact creates a real home

Impact's housing is not a group home or a half-way house. Impact's residents live in buildings and apartments that are in the community. They come fully furnished and often reflect the resident's individuality. Impact residents often speak of their homes with great pride.

Living Room.JPG

This is my home, this is my place.
— Griselda, Impact Resident


Provides support services

Impact's Housing Program does not just provide residents a place to stay, but also support services to keep them housed and independent. These include:

  •  24/7 support
  • Regular Health and Safety Inspections
  •  Maintenance of buildings and amenities
  • Serving as a liaison between residents and landlords
  • Daily life skills training (I.e Housekeeping)

collaborates with other programs

Not only does Impact's Supportive Housing Program provide support services, but the program works with Impact's two other programs treating the individual holistically. 

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