Impact's spring appeal letter


Dear Friends,

Navigating a complex system of medical care can be daunting for anyone; for many people living with mental illness, this is too often a harsh reality.

Jessica, one of Impact’s newer participants, had faced this challenge for years. From a young age, she struggled without a support system to take an active role in her healthcare. All of this changed when she met Impact’s staff.

Together, a nurse, clinician, and employment specialist worked collaboratively with Jessica to set attainable goals, including getting her on track to begin a job search. However, soon after, Jessica reported that she was unable to continue seeking employment, as she was suffering from extreme fatigue and was short of breath.  Alarmed, the Impact nurse asked if she had ever been diagnosed with diabetes. When Jessica said no, her nurse checked her blood sugar, and it tested dangerously high. She took Jessica to the ER immediately.

Before coming to Impact, a health concern like this might have been a huge setback for Jessica - a threat to her employment and recovery. However, because she worked closely with Impact’s care team, a holistic model of care allowed for the effective management of her diabetes.  

We would not be able to provide these crucial services without your support.

The truth is, the assistance that many Impact participants rely on (such as Medicaid) to get treatment is becoming less and less reliable, putting treatment continuity in jeopardy. Instances of coverage being abruptly halted are happening too frequently, and have dire consequences for vulnerable individuals. Impact works to make sure this doesn’t disrupt treatment or recovery. At Impact we provide treatment regardless of an individual’s ability to pay; however, we can’t do this without people like you.

Thank you for helping Impact Behavioral Health Partners change lives.



Patti Capouch

Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Thanks to several generous individuals, Impact is able to DOUBLE YOUR DONATION through a match pool. Donate before June 30th and your donation will be matched-- dollar for dollar-- up to $30,000! This is an incredible opportunity to expand our impact and increase the number of participants we serve.


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