Impact provides Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) programs that help eligible individuals find a permanent home while receiving community-based mental health services. Our PSH programs incorporate Housing First principles to provide affordable housing to low-income individuals who have chronic mental illnesses. Many of those served are homeless or chronically homeless, and a stable foundation allows them to focus energies on recovery rather than where they will find shelter tonight.

The Housing First model allows Impact to “screen-in” participants based on needs-oriented eligibility criteria, rather than “screening-out” due to issues such as current substance use, past evictions, or medication non-compliance –we strive for inclusion rather than disqualification. We feel that having a stable home is a prerequisite to recovery and that assisting our participants in finding that stability will allow them to utilize their recovery resources most effectively. Participation in our PSH programs also includes access to our clinical and employment programs. We can provide these supportive services to our participants in the comfort of their home or out in the community. Eligibility criteria for our PSH programs vary based on the program.

If you would like to learn if you meet these criteria, please fill out the corresponding eligibility quiz below.